Katie Kuksenok
@anachrobot | updated June 6th, 2014

Hi! I research social technologies using interviews, observations, participatoy design, and data science on user-generated content. I have a Master of Science in Computer Science (University of Washington), a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Math (Oberlin College), and I'm working on a PhD in computer Science (UW). I speak English, Ukrainian, and Russian. I'm an avid reader, traveler, and writer; I've highlighed notable writing, including academic publications and general-audience blog posts.

How To Do User Research

Nov 27, 2013 How to run useful, light-weight user interviews: five steps for approaching customers that can help you make concrete decisions for your sweet new Web application, while feeling pretty good about the whole affair.

Mar 6, 2014 How to use informal user interviews to make better surveys: a stupid question can turn a user survey from useful tool into misguided hammer of destruction. Instead, get your stupid questions out of the way - productively! - in conversations and user interviews to build more valid, reliable surveys. The end result: software that actually does what the user needs and wants.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

C. Chen, L. White, T. Kowalewski, R. Aggarwal, C. Lintott, B. Comstock, K. Kuksenok, C. Aragon, D. Holst, and T. Lendvay. Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skills (C-SATS): A Novel Method to Evaluate Surgical Performance. Journal of Surgical Research 2013.

K. Kuksenok, M. Brooks, Q. Wang, C. P. Lee. Challenges and Opportunities for Technology in Foreign Language Classrooms. CHI 2013. (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

K. Kuksenok, J. Mankoff, M. Brooks. Accessible Online Content Creation by End Users. CHI 2013.

M. Brooks, K. Kuksenok, M. K. Torkildson, D. Perry, J. J. Robinson, T. J. Scott, O. Anicello, A. Zukowski, P. Harris, C. Aragon. Statistical Affect Detection in Collaborative Chat. CSCW 2013.

T. J. Scott, K. Kuksenok, M. Brooks, C. Aragon. Adapting Grounded Theory to Construct A Taxonomy of Affect in Collaborative Online Chat. SIGDOC 2012.

J. Mankoff, K. Kuksenok, S. Kiesler, J. Rode, K. Waldman. Competing Online Viewpoints and Models of Chronic Illness. CHI 2011.

On Work and Productivity

May 7, 2014 - Present Compassion + Productivity = ?: Analog task management systems are good for the soul and other reflections on productivity practices and discourse.

Dec 15, 2013 How to compose an NSF GRFP application packet you can be proud of: advice that I have articulated over the course of two years, on the basis of working with groups of students and one on one to draft CS/IT proposals. Much of it is pretty generally useful for writing short research proposals as a student.